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an elegant look that reflects the beauty of nature

Women's Silver Jewellery

Meet the glamorous women's silver jewellery designs of Orange Beluga! We have been producing in Milan since 2020 with our women's jewellery and accessories inspired by nature. We create our designs on ideas that are completely integrated with nature. We work for women with our imagination, our curiosity for innovation and our passion for all the beauties that nature has given us! We take care to use sustainable resources in our works for the future of nature and therefore humanity. All silver jewellery and accessory designs in Orange Beluga collections are produced by handicraft. Inspired by nature, our silver and steel jewellery are produced using semi-precious stone minerals such as amazonite, amethyst, agate, amber, aquamarine, moonstone, aventurine, snakestone, lapis lazuli, peridot, crystal quartz, chalcedony, tourmaline, topaz, labradorite and pearl. We work diligently to meet the expectations of our customers in our production, design and logistics processes. We plan the design process in the most detailed way with innovative approaches before production with the principle of "perfection", which we have adopted as our principle, we carry out the necessary analyzes and tests in order to make perfect choices in our stone selections through our mineralogists, and we work meticulously to offer you a superior Orange Beluga product during the production phase. Check out our collection category to discover and buy our stylish women's silver jewellery products. Orange Beluga's product portfolio includes more than 40 silver jewellery collections. Our designs, which represent the unique charm of nature, are produced using 925 sterling silver. Many silver jewellery models have 18k white and yellow gold plated details. Among the silver jewellery in the collections, there are varieties such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and anklets. Our women's silver jewellery collections, which include striking elements from nature, take on minimalist designs inspired by plants such as lotus flower, plum blossom, poppy flower, monstera flower leaves, peony flower, clover and lily-of-the-valley. Women's silver jewellery designs, which we produce inspired by animals and natural objects as well as our designs inspired by plants, are extremely interesting pieces for nature lovers. You can take your fashion style to the next level by choosing Orange Beluga's silver jewellery designs. Our jewellery has eye-catching and striking features that will increase your self-confidence. You can make your loved ones smile with women's silver jewellery designs that you can present to your wife, girlfriend or friends on special occasions.

Women's Silver Earrings

women's silver earrings

The history of earrings, which is one of the types of jewellery that took place in people's lives thousands of years ago, dates back to Ancient Egypt. These earrings, which are used as a political and religious status indicator especially in the society, were used only by men at first. The first use of earrings by women was seen in the Babylonian Empire and Asian civilizations. Primitive earrings, which were used until the beginning of the 18th century, became artistic by the 19th century, modernized and developed, and have today's design forms. Silver earrings, one of the most preferred product types in the fashion world, are among the jewels that women use most in their daily lives. Earring designs made of silver, which promise a lifetime guarantee, are also a good gift alternative. Orange Beluga's women's silver earrings collection includes hundreds of products. These stylish women's silver earring designs have striking features that can arouse the interest of all women. Many of the earrings made of sterling silver have gold-plated details. You can attract the eyes around you with silver earrings with designs suitable for many women's sense of style. You can complete your daily style with dangling earrings that you can combine with an elegant evening dress, drop earrings that will add elegance to your workplace style, hoop earrings and stud earrings designs that you can create an accentuating look in your street style. You can buy the whole collection and attract attention by combining a woman's silver earring design from among the Orange Beluga collections with other pieces of the collection. You can visit our women's silver earrings category to get more information about Orange Beluga's earring designs decorated with colourful stones and carrying the silhouettes of nature and to start shopping.

Women's Silver Necklaces

women's silver necklaces

The necklaces that emerged as of the Hellenistic period, which started in 323 BC, have been used as both accessories and talismans for thousands of years and have survived to the present day. With the beginning of the 19th century, necklaces were modernized and became a fashion item. Silver necklaces, which is one of the most popular jewellery types of the last century, is frequently preferred by people because it has more economical prices, durability and accessibility compared to precious metals such as gold. Silver necklaces are wonderful jewellery that adorns the neck like a choker. Orange Beluga offers stylish women's silver necklaces that you can combine with your outfits at night parties, beach parties, birthdays and many other occasions. You can create a wonderful style by using the women's silver necklace options that we decorate with semi-precious stones in elegant invitations. Necklaces, one of the four important jewellery types preferred by women, come to life with unique designs inspired by nature. Silver necklaces that you can use for many years can always satisfy you as a style complement. Moreover, if you are a nature lover, Orange Beluga's women's silver necklace designs are just for you! Inspired by animals, plants and other natural objects, silver necklaces have been carefully prepared for those who want to reflect their passion in their daily style. You can always stand out in your environment with our modern and minimal designs of women's silver necklaces. Necklaces, which are at the forefront of gifts that have become classic but do not lose their popularity, are always a good opportunity to make your loved ones happy. Many of the women's silver necklaces featured in Orange Beluga are plated with 18k yellow and white gold to create a more luxurious and sparkly look. For more detailed information about Orange Beluga's women's necklace designs, you can examine the products in our necklace category and start shopping.

Women's Silver Rings

women's silver rings

The first primitive examples made of bone and leaves date back to BC. Rings found in the Bronze Age around 3000 BC have been used for thousands of years as a symbol of marriage, engagement, an indicator of social classes, authority and ornaments. The silver rings, which are more modern and more valuable in terms of metal, were found in the Cretan and Mycenaean civilizations and have survived to the present day as an important jewellery type since ancient times. With the influence of the artistic movements that developed during the Renaissance period on fashion, the rings became more modernized and took their current aesthetic form. Silver rings, one of the most beautiful gift alternatives for special occasions, are one of the jewellery types that women use with confidence in every environment. Women's silver ring designs produced by Orange Beluga for women who always care about their appearance are waiting to be discovered. Women's silver rings, one of the favorites among all jewellery types, are one of the first pieces that stand out in your environment. You can always draw attention to your elegant invitations with these rings with eye-catching elements designed by Orange Beluga inspired by nature. Women's silver ring models in the collection are produced both in a measured and resizable way. Before purchasing our measured silver ring types, you can determine your ring measure through the size chart in the description section of the product page. For those who prefer resizable silver rings, a size number is not required. One of the most important advantages of resizable silver ring types is that they can be used under any physical condition. For people who gain and lose weight frequently and have edema in their hands, they can have a comfortable use thanks to the resizable rings. Our hands and fingers are one of our most observed limbs in every environment we are in. Hand care is of utmost importance for women, especially in business and invitation environments. For women who care about their appearance, you can catch a flashy and stylish style thanks to the silver rings prepared by Orange Beluga. You can show your surroundings how good of a nature lover you are through women's silver rings that reflect various flowers, animals, stones, landscapes and other natural beauties. To learn about luxury and minimalist women's silver ring designs and to start shopping, you can browse our products in our ring category, and start shopping with the advantage of free shipping all over the world for purchases of 100 euro or more.

Women's Silver Bracelets

women's silver bracelets

The use of bracelets for adornment and ritual purposes emerged 7000 years ago. In line with the excavations carried out by archaeologists, the first bracelet jewellery samples are found in Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. In these periods, people used bracelets made of herbs, thin tree branches, seashells, and then copper and bronze. Its use, which is obtained from more valuable metals such as silver and gold, is encountered many years later. The use of silver bracelets as an element of fashion and status dates back to the 9th century BC. Silver bracelet jewellery similar to today's modern shape was first encountered in Ancient Rome. Thanks to the developed commercial networks of the Roman Empire, crystalline amethyst stones formed in the geodes of volcanic rocks in the African region were frequently supplied from this region. Therefore, the use of bracelets made of quality amethyst stone was very common in the society in Ancient Rome. The changing and developing art movements in the European world as of the 19th century also directly affected fashion. Women's silver bracelets, with their new and modern form, have developed further in the last hundred years and become what they are today. Today, women's silver bracelet designs are obtained by using semi-precious and precious stones for a more luxurious and attractive look. Silver bracelets in the Orange Beluga collections are made using semi-precious stones such as aventurine, topaz, aquamarine, agate and lapis lazuli. Women's silver bracelet models, traditionally in bright gray, are also available in Orange Beluga's online store with an 18-carat yellow gold plated option. In addition to classic clip-on bracelet designs, our product portfolio also includes clipless and grasping the wrist (open) models, called bangle. We recommend that those who prefer Orange Beluga's silver bracelet models combine them with other pieces of the related collection, such as necklaces, earrings and rings. You can create a more emphasizing and characteristic expression thanks to our combined silver jewellery. Thanks to the women's silver bracelets, which are available in hundreds of varieties in our online store, you can easily buy the product you want. Silver designs adorned with colorful stones, plated with gold for an elegant look, and timeless women's silver bracelets that will always make you look stylish on your special days are in the bracelet category of our online store. For more detailed information about our products, you can visit our relevant category and order our silver bracelet types with accessible price advantages.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

There are some international standards set for silver settings and silvers have carat measurements in terms of usage purposes. Silver measures are expressed in the thousandth system. The most commonly used silver is 925 silver. All silver jewellery types produced in the jewelry sectors are 925 carat. (As an exception, this rate varies between 800 and 950 in some European countries) This type of silver is called "L'argento sterling or argento sterlina" in Italy and "sterling silver" in English. The elements that make up 925 sterling silver in terms of mass are 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. In order to understand whether a 925 sterling silver jewellery product is real or fake, the 925 sterling silver stamp on the product should be looked at. A genuine silver product has this stamp on it. In addition, real silver has its own specific gravity. Imitation silvers in the market are lighter than real silvers. Considering these criteria, you can make more accurate choices in choosing silver jewellery. All women's silver jewellery designs in our collections are produced using 925 sterling silver. You can start shopping with the assurance of Orange Beluga by examining our 925 sterling silver necklace, earrings, brooch, anklet, bracelet and ring designs with genuine and nature-inspired features.

The Best Jewellery Gifts for Women

Orange Beluga collections include a variety of gift silver jewellery for women, each more beautiful than the other. Silver necklaces for birthdays, silver earrings for Christmas, silver bracelets for elegant night invitations, silver anklets for beach or pool styles, silver rings for engagement or marriage proposal, silver brooches for formal wear preferences and the best jewellery gifts for women are available in our online store. Before gifting a product to your loved one, we strongly recommend that you consider her tastes. Because no one wants to use a gift that does not suit them, even as a courtesy. The best women's silver jewellery gift ideas are offered to you with Orange Beluga quality. You can choose any of our hundreds of gift silver jewellery designs that you can present to your girlfriend or wife from our online store. While shopping on our website, you can request that your order be sent with a free gift package by clicking on the "I want a gift package" option on the order creation screen.

Women's Silver Jewellery Prices

Orange Beluga's women's silver jewellery designs are extremely rare pieces that are unmatched in the world jewellery market. Our products, which appeal to elite audiences, have accessible prices. The independence of the silver jewellery prices in our store is usually due to the combination of the product with other materials other than silver. Semi-precious stones in many of our products make our products more valuable. These semi-precious stones adorning silver jewellery, workmanship and material quality directly affect the prices of the products. You can take a look at the product price filters in the product category to make choices that suit your budget and taste, and to get more information about current women's silver jewellery prices. To compare the products, you can select the products you want from the filters and click the "compare" button to get more precise information about silver jewellery prices.

How To Clean Silver Jewellery

Due to its nature, silver jewelry can lose its shine and darken over time. The factors in the darkening of silver are usually external factors. Factors such as acid-containing chemicals, deodorant, perfume, soap, detergent, hydrogen, sulfur and sulfuric elements in the air cause silver to darken over time. In addition to these, factors such as sweating, humidity and water contact are some of the most important factors in the darkening of silver. Conscious steps must be taken to prevent these defects that develop over time and due to external factors.

How to Protect Silver?

Protect your silver jewellery from water contact. We recommend that you take off your jewellery, especially before entering the sea and the pool. You should not contact your silver jewelry with substances such as deodorants, perfumes, soaps and detergents that contain high levels of chemicals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to take precautions against some elements in the air, such as hydrogen, sulphur, and sulfuric, that cause silver to darken naturally. Therefore, take care to store your jewellery in a closed box or pouch, especially when you are not using it.

How to Polish Silver?

A silver set should be polished with professional polishing liquids, creams, sprays or silver polishing cloths. These products are easily available in the market. Silver polishing attempts within the basic facilities at home are quite risky and often unsuccessful methods. We observe that silver jewellery suffers more damage when polishing with materials such as baking soda, lemon, toothpaste and vinegar found in every home. For example, the hard structure of the granules in the toothpaste causes the silver to be scratched. Contrary to popular belief, lemon does not brighten silver, on the contrary, it darkens it. Because it contains a high percentage of citric acid. Acid is one of the biggest factors that tarnish silver. Baking soda and vinegar cause abrasions and scratches when used alone. Therefore, silver polishing should be performed with professional materials.


At Orange Beluga we’re dedicated to offering accessories that enable all women to express themselves, helping you feel confident in your everyday. Since 2020 we’ve offered premium women's jewellery that can be stacked and styled. Our accessories are an effortless style solution to refresh your look - they’re the accessories that make the outfit.
We're committed to giving back and supporting the community. One of the ways we do this is working with charities that support women. We’re also constantly improving our sustainability efforts by making conscious choices with the materials we use and our production processes.